All garments are made to order and a 60 % non-refundable deposit is due at the time of measurement or initial booking. Design process, including fabric sampling, will not begin until deposit is made in full. Consultations should begin at least THREE MONTHS prior to date garment is needed.

*RUSH ORDERS: Rush orders MAY be accepted, contingent on designer’s availability. Please be advised: Order will be subjected to a $100+ Rush Fee. Total fee will be based on the requested design and location. Note: Orders are fulfilled in chronological order, NOT on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, garments are finalized in the order of Date Needed. Remaining balance is due at the time of FINAL FITTING. *Garments will NOT be finalized until remaining balance is fulfilled

*OUT OF STATE clients: Remaining balance is due upon completion PRIOR to shipment.


Cash and Mobile Payments (Cash App OR Zelle ONLY) are accepted.

Personal Checks & Gift Cards are not accepted, unless issued by DLIZE CLOSET. If a Payment Plan is needed, be sure to inquire & make arrangements with head designer. 


Minor changes such as small details or changes in length are allowed ONE Month prior to due date. No changes are allowed after this period. Minor changes such as subtracting a train, sleeves, or additional embellishments are welcomed only up until 3 WEEKS prior to due date. Please be advised: Any details removed from a design will NOT change the finalized and agreed upon price of the garment. However, additional details may increase the total price. 


Because progress footage does not accurately reflect the overall look of the design on a mannequin, with the exception of OUT OF STATE clients, garment progress updates are reserved for In Person Fittings. Progress footage may be requested if client is unable to attend scheduled fittings or pick up.

*Note: Please allow two to three weeks from deposit to receive or inquire about updates regarding progress of your garment. Designer will be in contact with you during the process of sourcing material in order to confirm your approval. 


The policies in this contract all apply to out of state clients except for payment and shipment dates, in addition to fittings. Payments for orders of this type are due upon booking. Client is responsible for providing designer with all correct measurements, as a detailed Measuring Guide will be sent by email upon booking. It is highly recommended to have a backup seamstress in your town available in the event alterations are necessary. Please keep in mind, all pieces are custom to fit couture garments, which means they are made to your size and shape. Being out of state and unable to schedule fittings, if the fabric chosen has little to no elasticity, designer will create gown with necessary seam allowance for proper fitting. If client’s measurements decrease between the time measurements are received and dress is completed, client may have dress altered by a local seamstress (ie: dry cleaner’s or fabric shop) However, if measurements increase, garments will not have enough allowance to be taken out. 


Size is determined by the largest measurement; therefore, alterations are typically required throughout the design process. Fittings will be scheduled on an as needed basis, (minimum two) as the garment is being created and will not begin until deposit is made in full. The garment creation process will not begin until you confirm all material and fabric samples are to your liking. Free minor alterations are included for the lifetime of the garment, however, Alteration Policy will be voided if the garment has been serviced by a third party seamstress or dry cleaner. 


Delivery of final product(s) will be contingent and scheduled based on what is coordinated with the Designer. Typical Due Dates will be set no less than One to Two Weeks prior to event date in case any last minute alterations are necessary.